How To Ask For and Get a Killer Recommendation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media platform to present your professional history along with endorsements. No matter what line of work you're in, having glowing recommendations will serve you well. Plus, in order to have LinkedIn consider your profile 100% complete, it must include 3 recommendations. All Recommendations – or Endorsements – Are Not Created Equal The best LinkedIn recommendations are ones that offer specific results or tell a story of transformation. To request a LinkedIn recommendation,  you must be connected to the person you want to receive it from. Read more >>

Learn from the big boys on LinkedIn.

Brands are beginning to establish best practices communicating with their customers and prospects on Facebook and Twitter. But many companies large and small have yet to fully leverage the social network for professionals, LinkedIn. With over 120 million user accounts, LinkedIn has also become an essential social network for companies, especially those in B2B, to leverage in their communication plans. Success on LinkedIn isn’t just about individual efforts, it’s about team efforts. Below, find seven companies large and small that have found success on LinkedIn. We’ve included some takeaways on what they do right and how you can emulate their success. Read more >>

LinkedIn Tricks Can Bring Your Business to Great Positions

There are many LinkedIn tricks that can take your business to an advantageous position to make money and build a good reputation. Consider some of the tips you can use to change your company status and increase profit. Top 6 LinkedIn Tricks That Can Earn You Big Dollars Groups Tool – Getting to know the groups that are related to your business and engaging in group discussions about relevant topics can automatically bridge a connection between you and countless others. Read more >>
Nothing smells like the ink of a printing press. Back in the 70's, my father was the editor of our hometown newspaper. My brother and I loved going into Dad's office and watching those giant printing presses churn out the day's news -- news that would go into ourneighbor's homes and keep people connected in our small community. Today, thanks to the Internet and social media like LinkedIn, our community has gotten a bit bigger -- it's called planet Earth. The Internet has made the idea of a daily newspaper sound quaint to most, downright prehistoric to anyone born after 1990. Read more >>