A Practical Approach to Buying Shares

Buy for the Long Term

Owning shares is still a very popular way of investing money. A lot of the world’s economies depend on the activities of publicly traded companies, and investors have an advantage over gamblers in that these companies provide more information about the kind of bet that they represent than the playing cards in a deck do. You can never be truly sure whether a company’s shares will appreciate or decline, but being able to research past performance and current operations means that as an investor you still have a decent amount of insight by which to make your buying decisions.

The point of this article is to strongly advise people who do not have fortunes to risk, to put their money into companies listed on the stock market which are known to be safe, and will still be giving a decent return in the years to come.

As a new investor, your golden rule should be to never invest more than you can afford to lose. The second rule should be to invest for stability combined with modest growth. To do this you will need to spend time researching companies that have proved their worth in the long-term. There are many companies like this, which have been around for a long time, are usually well-known household names, and which have been paying modest but steady incomes for decades.

Diversity is Good

The next element of your approach to safe investing should be to not put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. You can reduce your risk exposure by diversifying. This means buying shares whose companies are not all in the same sector. If you buy across a number of sectors, then during a downturn in the economy there is still the likelihood that some of your investments will still be doing well.

For instance, people tend to eat out a lot less when they have less disposable income, but they are often still willing to spend money on what they consider to be affordable luxuries. So, if you had invested in a large restaurant chain but also in coffee shop chain, you might have found that while people avoided restaurants, they spent more on their daily cup of java. While one share may have declined in value, the other may have boomed.

It’s hard to always foresee these kinds of relationships, but in some senses, you don’t need to. As long as you research the companies and sectors that you are looking to invest in, and you invest in a wide variety of them, then you will reduce your risk exposure.

Bear in mind that even if you have done your homework and picked good stable stocks, that is not the end of your involvement with them. You will need to keep a weather eye out for any changes that may affect the value of your investments.


This brief overview is exactly that. There is so much more to learn about the stock market, and you will probably never stop doing so. There is an old saying that says, “How do you make a million dollars on the stock market? Start with two million.” It’s a place where recklessness can be rewarded as easily as it can be punished, and you never know which is going to happen, so being forewarned and forearmed is always advisable. Spend time learning all that you can, invest cautiously, and never take your attention away from what’s going on in the stock market for too long.


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