Meet the high school dropout, 15, who surprises his parents by paying off their mortgage as an anniversary gift

Meet the high school dropout, 15, who surprises his parents by paying off their mortgage as an anniversary gift

Lim Ding Wen has never been a particularly great as a student and hated his school life so much he even tried to convince his parents to let him dropout. They obviously rejected the idea. At the age of 13, Lim started to confine himself to his room every day after school, causing his parents to worry about his social life. As a result, he earned over 1 million GBP and paid off his parent’s mortgage.

When he was 13 years old his father, Yuri, lost his job at Barclays due to a massive cutback in their workforce. At first his parents didn’t let him know about this but after a while he understood what was going on when they stopped getting new clothes or eating out as often as they used to. His father was getting sick from the stress and his mother felt all the pressure to be the only parent to finance the household. As a result of his family’s situation, Lim started to take matters into his own hands.

At the young age of 15 he had made enough money to buy his own place, but didn't want his parents to know so he was forced to keep his earning prowess a secret.

"One of the hardest things I faced was explaining to the bank why I couldn't have mail correspondence sent to my parents’ address," to which he now laughs about.

He is currently living in a $5000-a-month New York Apartment. So what is his secret?

Lim believed today’s social media systems did not cater for modern teens and they need to make their own. Lim Ding Wen is a 15-year-old millionaire from designing mobile phone apps. He spent two years working on multiple apps and three of the apps became extremely successful. Lim thinks his youth was why he was able to launch three successful teen-focused apps and raise millions in funding.

This year he decided it’s time to reveal the secret and told his parents what he has been doing for the past two years. In addition to that, he surprised them by paying off their mortgage for their anniversary. His parents were shocked and so grateful for this heart-warming moment.

Lim’s parents are currently retired living in London while Lim is living in New York after getting funded by a big company there. Now he rides a hoverboard, gets $160 Justin Bieber haircuts, has a wardrobe full of Yeezy sneakers, and sleeps on a mattress on the floor of his spacious studio apartment.


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