A Few eBay Pointers for Beginners

There are many reasons to get into selling online. Sometimes people want a little extra money, sometimes they want to sell junk that’s been piling up in their houses for years. For other people it’s an easy way of seeing what selling things for a living might be like.

1: Set up your eBay account

To get started you will have to set up your personal account. This is easy to do and is also free. Just fill in your details, pick a name for your shop and you are good to go.

Once your eBay account is ready you can start creating auctions or “buy it now” sales. You can share messages and take questions from potential buyers of your items, so try to be responsive to their questions and clear in your answers.

2: Set up Your PayPal account

You may be familiar with PayPal. It’s probably the best-known way to send and collect money around the world. eBay offers PayPal for when you’re buying and selling and clearly prefers it to cash. The advantage is that it gives buyers and sellers more security with their transactions, giving protection for when things go awry. If you pay with cash, then you are pretty much on your own.

3:  Take Your Own Photos

It may be tempting to use other people’s photos in your auctions, but if you do this then you run the risk of falling foul of eBay’s copyright policies and getting your account suspended. You could also find yourself in hot water with the copyright owners too. As a rule of thumb, never use a photograph of an item for sale that you didn’t take yourself. That way, you can always be sure that you will be safe.

4: Practice Your Descriptions

You can sell pretty much anything on eBay, but to make sure that items do sell, you’ll need to practice your description skills. Try starting on items that you are very familiar with, then it will be easier to make them sound attractive. Make sure that your descriptions are accurate, and don’t be afraid to highlight anything that’s wrong with the items. Buyers prefer to know what they are paying for, and they will only leave you negative feedback and request a refund if they feel cheated. Be honest so that you can preserve your reputation and keep your customers happy.

5: eBay is a Marathon Not a Sprint

Don’t expect to be an overnight success with eBay. As the old saying goes, overnight successes usually take years. It will take you a long time to absorb all the information that will help you to become a successful seller. You will need to study not only eBay’s copious and sometimes changeable rules, but also the behaviour of your direct competitors, should you decide to get into a more commercial approach to selling.

A large online community ensures that you will never have a shortage of people willing to discuss the finer points of selling with you. There is plenty of support out there, if you ever need to look for it.

Your main goal as you grow will be to sustain your good reputation, because this essential measure of your performance tells everyone looking to buy from you that you can be trusted to sell good products at good prices and dispatch them quickly.


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