This 29-Year-Old Guy Makes A Living Taking Viral Dog Photos

This 29-Year-Old Guy Makes A Living Taking Viral Dog Photos

In a lot of ways, Elias is your typical millennial: He's 29 and loves playing guitar, eating tacos, and surfing popular dating apps like Hinge.

But one not-so-typical thing? He's also the guy behind The Dogist — the viral Instagram account that's racked up 2.6 million followers.

All of those followers visit the account to look at the photos of real-life dogs that Elias snaps every day while he roams the streets of NYC. To date, he's photographed over 25,000 dogs around the world.

He's also published a best-selling book and has a second book, The Dogist Puppies, coming out this September.

I wanted to find out how exactly Elias went from working a desk job to making a living taking photos of dogs, so I recently spent a day with him.

Before he started The Dogist, Elias had a corporate job, but he was let go during a round of layoffs.

While deciding what to do next, he traveled to Europe, where he posted some pictures of random dogs to his personal Instagram account with funny captions —and he realized people were loving the posts.

He decided to create a new account called The Dogist in 2013, inspired by The Sartorialist, a fashion blog that highlights style on the streets of NYC.

Elias got tons of followers, and within a year of starting the account, he scored a few paid photo shoots. "Then about a year and a half in, I signed a book deal," Elias told BuzzFeed. "As my following grew, more advertisers reached out." He soon realized he could really support himself doing what he loves most.

Now, four years later? Some (including me!) say he has one of the best jobs on earth. Elias makes his own hours, he can travel on a whim, and he spends his days playing with PUPPIES.

Every day, Elias chooses a different NYC area to wander around with his assistant. He also travels often to photograph dogs in new places — from Cape Cod to Croatia. When I met with him, he was dressed in lightweight cargo pants and a Patagonia shirt, as if he were going on a safari — and in a way, that's exactly what he does. He roams the streets in search of interesting dogs.

When he approaches an owner, he doesn't introduce himself as "The Dogist." He just asks if he can take a picture of the dog. Here's the "before" photo that I snapped while Elias was photographing Porko, a Boston terrier.

Since he started his account, Elias hasn't missed a single day of shooting. During thunderstorms and snowpocalypses, and even on Christmas Day, he's out with his camera.

"I don't take days off because my life would be less exciting without The Dogist," Elias says. "I somehow found great purpose in carrying a camera and a squeaky tennis ball, so why miss any opportunity to put them to use, especially when it makes so many people happy?" he added.

Let's just say the dogs flock to him.

But he doesn't just photograph any pup. "I'm always looking for things that stand out, and it's not always the dog," Elias told BuzzFeed. He'll stop rare breeds and fan favorites, but if the owner's outfit is special, or there's a scenic mountain view in the background, he looks for those things, too.

Source: Buzz Feed


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