Man Makes $20,000 on his Smartphone with Scoopshot

Man Makes $20,000 on his Smartphone with Scoopshot

If you recall, we published an article a couple weeks ago about an app called Foap, where users could make money licensing their iPhone photos. Well, a similar app called Scoopshot (based in Finland) has just informed me that one of their users has made about $20,000 selling his photos.

Arto Mäkelä has earned more than $19,000 by taking pictures and uploading them to the free-to-download Scoopshot app on his Android smartphone.

Scoopshot is a crowdsourcing service that allows smartphone owners to sell their photos and videos to the media and other companies via a smartphone app. Users can simply upload interesting images and videos that they think the media may want to publish, or respond to tasks asking Scoopshot’s users to send in specific images in return for a monetary reward, such as a picture of the White House in Washington DC or Big Ben in London.

Arto made his money by responding to a task set by Fonecta, a Finnish directory services company, which asked Scoopshot’s users to send in pictures of businesses across the country. Sensing a golden opportunity Arto jumped on his bike and got snapping. Whenever he could get the opportunity, he went from city-to-city capturing thousands of pictures of businesses and selling them to Fonecta for around $2 each.

A few trips and several thousand pictures later, Arto had earned enough money from Scoopshot’s app to book a three-week long vacation to Miami and the Caribbean, as well as an array of high-tech gadgets, including a widescreen TV and a top-of-the-range digital SLR camera.

“I downloaded the Scoopshot app thinking I might be able to make a bit of spare cash, but before I knew it I was making something like $500 a week,” said Arto Mäkelä, Scoopshot’s most successful user. “Over the course of a few months, I kept on sending in photos to Scoopshot and the money kept rolling in. Soon I had made enough to book the holiday of a lifetime in Miami and the Caribbean.”

So the discussion was, who buys these photos? Can you really make money? The answer is someone (lots of someones, and likely media outlets), and yes. So if you're still skeptical, stay that way. Maybe I can make $20K while you're still scoffing at this idea.

About Scoopshot:
Scoopshot is a content sourcing service that connects the mobile photographer community with the international news media. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the service made a global launch in late 2011 and now boasts a user base of over 110,000 mobile photographers in 165 countries. The service is currently being used by approximately 50 media publications around the world.

Source: FS Toppers


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